PinMe has been developed upon request of financial institutions to reduce costs and relieve IT resources.

PinMe – what is that?

With PinMe, you can easily and quickly create new interactive dashboards from existing apps. You decide for yourself which objects / charts you want to see from your existing applications and how these new overviews are composed. It does not matter whether the data comes from the financial, customer, portfolio, risk, compliance or controlling area. With the newly created overviews and the associated user profiles, important information can be retrieved easily and quickly in a concentrated way.

With PinMe axeed offers another impressive app for expanding your value chain.


PınMe – how does it work?

PinMe is an easy-to-use front-end app, developed in Angular JS, enhancing axeed’s product family with its dynamic and flexible functionality. PinMe is responsive and runs on all mobile devices.

We thank our development partner K & W Software AG for its successful support in our labs in Switzerland during the development of PinMe.

Would you like to evaluate your most important key figures yourself and in an up-to-date manner?
axeed is there to help you!

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