Even the idea of a thought a provider of financial services might have, that he still has some time before digitization, is a shot in the wrong direction. It is not only the fact that they are using digitization at the highest level – also the quality of what they are doing in this field, is crucial, it even represents a competitive advantage. “Let’s see what the competitors do” does not work out, as they are all operating secretly behind closed doors.

How else can the benefits of a bank be highlighted, if not by the degree of its digitization? For banks, there is no other way around developing new business models.

Sure – the financial services providers are not really optimistic when they look to the future, but on the other hand, they need to continue to invest. In the world of economy, it is quite the same. In the textile industry, for example, where there is only summer and hardly any winter, you always have to ensure that the shelves are always filled with the most fashionable and up-to-date clothes, even at the risk of becoming shelf warmers.

At least, the financial industry has the advantage that the investment in digitization, if the advice of the IT provider was right, is never wasted money.

It’s easy to understand that banks rather prefer to save money and resources. But can cost reduction alone be a corporate strategy? The willingness to innovate will continue to make the difference in the future. Digitization is the foundation upon which the financial industry must construct its future.

In times of dying branches, banks operating at the highest levels of digitization will be able to get over it more easily, because online they will be on par with the customers’ wishes, thanks to digitization.

Some decision makers among the financial service providers are working on themselves and are getting ready for a digitized future. The digitized apps for end customers, consultants and management are a necessity. He who comes too late … You know the rest.

Let us talk about which of the tailor-made solutions will suite your requirements. By the way, costs and resources can also be saved through digitization. (MemoDener)