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Coping with the growing flood of information and making the right decisions is not easy in the digital world … Rising costs, falling margins and heightened competition are forcing more transparency and efficiency!

Axeed helps you meet the evolving needs of digitization by bringing more transparency and efficiency to our front-end solutions with specific app extensions and data connectors designed specifically for the financial industry. Whether you want to use one of our standard solutions or we can implement a customer-specific solution for you, we guarantee you a flexible, dynamic and interactive work with the solutions with direct access to your operative systems.

Why axeed makes sense as a partner:

  • We ensure transparency and efficiency
  • We offer modern and proven BI & Reporting solutions
  • We offer financial specific extensions for every requirement
  • We guarantee short project times thanks to agile methods
  • We need fewer resources for implementation thanks to our vast experience Technically based on Qlik’s proven in-memory technology
  • We are able to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet the increasing demands of digitization.

We are looking forward to entering into a dialogue with you

Memo Dener, CEO axeed AG

Wellcome to axeed
Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time for a discussion or a presentation about our solutions and products..
Memo Dener, CEO Axeed

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