axeed PER

In times of low transaction volumes the question of the correctness of the own processing capacities in the securities back-office becomes more and more evident. Especially for smaller companies, the ability of scaling the fix costs across the short-term processing volumes and sustaining the quality on a certain level will be of vital importance.

The basis for any change in this direction is the will to recognize cost factors and to understand them with their correct relation to their drivers.

axeed PER delivers definite cost transparency into the securities back-office. Break down the total costs for the activities (e.g. costs for the conformity control against Stock Exchange, costs for coupons-| dividends-processing, etc.), from the activities to the costs for each product (e.g. costs Stock Exchange Abroad, Costs for the CA event processing, etc.) and further on to the costs for each transaction, respectively unit costs (e.g. costs of a ZV transaction, costs for a CA transaction, etc.).

Compare the target unit prices with the effective unit prices of each transaction in the course of time and take the necessary measures with the support of axeed – PER.

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