What is the Custodian Data Bridge?

Consolidating portfolios where assets are dispersed on a large number of custodians has been a tedious, expensive and resource-intensive task up to now. The main target of a bank is the visualization of financial information for end customers with optimal transparency.

axeed Custodian Data Bridge finally delivers the solution and provides optimized transparency, which significantly benefits account managers and end customers.

  • Using axeed Custodian Data Bridge new custodians can be integrated within a few days. This axeed solution already features a large number of custodian relations.
  • The axeed Custodian Data Bridge does not only integrate all the custodian’s transaction and position data, but also includes a multibanking-platform with its own business logic.
  • The axeed app «Customer Investment Analysis» already provides dynamic analyses and an attractive state-of-the-art visualization.

Who is axeed Custodian Data Bridge built for?

  • Banks
  • External Asset Managers
  • Family Offices

Download the fact sheet for more information or call axeed for a personal talk.

Best regards

Memo Dener, CEO of axeed